02 February 2019
Storm Area 51. It's lightly guarded and it can't handle a mass of people. Let's go and see them aliens. In terms of reach, it's a meme that has digital marketing professionals salivating. With over 2 million people checking in for the September 20th event, it's gone far beyond the initial joke and taken a life of its own. There are apparently a million people out there who love the idea of storming a secretive government facility to see what's inside, and the internet has come alive with people looking to take advantage of the phenomenon. Like so many other things, this particular bit of digital wackiness started off as a joke. By this point in time, the secret of what's at - or at least, what's not at - Area 51 is actually pretty well known. The Nevada base has, at least officially, been home to some of the…
28 January 2019
A smartphone is likely one of your most prized possessions. However, having only one phone number can cause problems. That's why you should consider adding a secondary phone number. Adding a second phone number allows you to protect your personal number. You may be able to get another number from your service provider. However, the most popular method of acquiring another phone number is through downloading a second phone number app. With that being said, here is a look at the top secondary phone number apps currently on the market. Burner Burner was originally created to help people receive a temporary number. However, users are now able to receive a permanent number. Burner offers users two packages. The shorter package gives you 2 weeks with limited talk, time, and text messages. The longer plan allows you to keep the secondary number for as long as you need. A three line...


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