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There’s something that’s letting your customers know what you’re all about, even before your words do. It’s your photos, graphics, color schemes, font choices. The internet is a visual medium; without a strong visual foundation on which to stand, your messages lose the risk of getting lost in the shuffle. At Seattle Advertising, we construct visual choices that let your customer know you’re both up-to-date and tasteful. The world of graphic design changes as much as the world of fashion. As an advertising firm, we can provide you with new trends or vintage classics.

Images can be paired with your words and your business like fine wine to cheese. And we’d like to offer up our palate to you.


Are your ads as visually appealing as they could be? Do you want a seamless brand presence through all your ad materials?

Seattle Advertising’s approach to visual design is based on making a choice. We live in a time when choices for graphic design are virtually limitless. By reining in those choices, we help your business speak with authority. We select a color palette, typeface, and filter choices for your photographic selections. And we stick with it – solidifying your brand’s look across internet media as well as print ads. Of course, we put together each one of our visual designs with our trained staff’s knowledge of composition and aesthetics.

As a result, your business gains weight. This is a good thing. It becomes more of a real institution in your customer’s minds, than a listing of numbers and services. Your buddies all cultivate looks that help distinguish them – so should your business. From concept to design to composition, we’ll get your business looking its best.

At Seattle Advertising, we create pleasing and consistent graphic statements that enhance your copy, convey your brand identity, and look great on their respective media. Our teams can help you make that jump from homemade ads to polished professional on your website, social media pages, and print ads – anywhere your customers can see you. To read, your customers have to look. How do you look?

  • We design a look that’s in line with your unique selling proposition.
  • We compose logos, backgrounds, banners, icons, buttons, and all the visual elements of your website and apps.
  • We optimize your images for high-placed results in Google and Bing searches.
  • We compose print advertisements for traditional media.



We take a look at your current website presence and social media pages to come up with a graphic design that fits with your page content. If you don’t have any content yet, we can provide this for you as well. If your company is in need of a logo, we can produce one for you to use on multiple platforms.

We supply the custom images people will see when they first visit your social media pages, butting you in better control of what people see. Your typeface, color scheme, and images will all work together to give the customer a better feeling for your business as a tangible thing.

Once the plan is in place, we make your presence consistent, by modifying your existing content, and designing future campaigns that are right in line with your new look. Your content looks a lot sharper in the right uniform – we tailor yours just for you.

Giving a pleasing look to your ad materials is putting your customers in First Class.



Having a consistent aesthetic across your advertising materials gives off a much more professional and polished impression. From a killer logo to great-looking app content, your customers will get the impression that you’re ready to do your best for anyone who comes to you with a problem.

If your competitors aren’t doing the same, the choice will be clear to the browsing customer. And the boost in sales will be yours to enjoy.

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