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Here, we will take a look at how the “link in bio” works to help you drive traffic on Instagram.

Seeing a post on Instagram end with “read more at the link in bio” is common. The platform does not allow clickable hyperlinks in its posts. Instagram will only allow one link in a profile biography, so that is the only clickable link you have to direct traffic to your site. 

What does “link in bio” mean?

“Link in bio” is the clickable link that is put in the biography on your Instagram profile. It usually leads to your website, a specific product or piece of content, or something else important that you want to direct your followers. The other major social media networks — Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn — allow you to include links in your posts in addition to the link in your profile. Instagram is the exception. The closest Instagram has is the “shop now” button on ads. If you have over 10,000 followers, you can include a link in your Stories using the swipe-up feature. This is great for a larger company, but the new small businesses that are just starting social advertising do not get to use that; they only have access to the link in bio.

What link should I pick?

You can only use one link in your bio. It can feel limiting to only have a single link to direct your traffic to when you have many products and pages on your site that you want different segments of your audience to see. Thankfully, there are some tools that are designed to help you put all of these important links together on a custom landing page for your link in bio.

Using a bio landing page tool will help make the user experience more seamless since they just have to click on a single link, and they are taken to a page with all of the important pages on your site. They do not have to go to your homepage, then your product page, then the product you featured in your post. While those steps are not too complex, many people will simply click away if they have to search for something on your site instead of being taken straight to it. That alone can lead to you losing out on traffic and leads.

With these custom pages, you can have certain evergreen pages listed there permanently and change out other links with news, sales, product releases, and other new information as it comes up. You can also use the custom link pages to direct people to your profiles on other social media platforms. This means you do not have to choose what one link should represent your brand. You can have all of the links you want traffic to go to in a single place. Making it easier for you to drive up traffic and get more leads.

Tools for link in bio

There are several tools you can use for your link in bio to help you put a custom link page together.


One of the most popular tools for this is Linktree. Its free version allows you to put unlimited links on the page and add images to customize them. You can also get a paid version of Linktree. Which will give you more features, like the ability to replace their logo with yours. Your page is simply designed, with a list of links and images to go with them. It is a straightforward option that keeps everything simple.


Lnk.Bio also allows you to add unlimited links to your page as part of its free plan. With the paid plan, you can create custom pages. Also schedule them to update your links for you automatically.


Feedlink gives you landing pages that are mobile-optimized. They look great no matter what device you are using. It also tracks your click stats for every link, letting you keep an eye on your performance. You can switch out links that are not getting as many clicks, so your space is not being wasted. There is a free version of Feedlink, as well as a paid version that unlocks additional features.

Using Link in Bio More Effectively

There are many ways you can make your link in bio page drive leads and traffic.

You can use your links to promote current and future sales. If you have a 50% off sale on select items, you can put a link on that page that says something about saving up to 50% off.  The link then takes them directly to the part of your page that has the specific sale items.

If you are launching a new product and you have a section on your website about it, you can use your link page to promote it. Then take them to the information about that product. Once the product has launched, you can take them directly to it with the link page.

You have a character limit for Instagram’s bio section. You can direct people to your about page on your website so that they can learn more about your brand and any causes you support. Letting your customers get to know you is always an excellent way to build a lasting relationship with them. People care more about the brand than the specific product these days.

Other ways to use Bio Link

If you want to direct customers to some of your best-selling products, you can include the links to these products on your link page. Or you can set up a custom landing page that will take customers to all of your most popular products. Then they can see them all in a single place. You can also use a custom landing page to take them to your blog, podcast, or videos.  

A competition is a good way to get more engagement. You can include the details about the competition or giveaway on your link page. That will help you get more out of your promotion.  Free samples also work here. You can get more people signing up to get these free samples and learn more about your brand through your link page.


If you read Instagram posts from businesses, you will probably see many of them end with a prompt to click on the “link in bio” to learn more or view a product or sale. The link in bio can be a great way to help you drive traffic to your site. It also increases brand awareness. Remember, Seattle Advertising makes posts that get passed around by merits of its content alone.