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Why does it feel that everyone these days is preoccupied with building an Instagram Brand?

That is a rhetorical question because I am sure we are  all aware that the solution is social media and an Instagram Brand is an integral part of that.

Instagram and other social media platforms have made the average customer more brand-aware than ever before. According to Ideological Brand, 83 percent of shoppers consider brand values before making a purchase.  So an Instagram Brand is more important than ever before.

Instagram may make or kill your business depending on how you display your brand online. The photo-sharing app is an excellent place to start building your brand’s image. Instagram is about sharing a visual image.

The literal photo or video you are sharing, as well as the message or “image” you are giving to your audience, are both examples of images.

The hitch is that Instagram is much more than just hitting a “send” button and watching your photograph go across the internet. The way you use the app can help you form stronger bonds with your customers.

Here are four dos and don’ts to help you become a master of Instagram marketing!

Do: Research your company’s demographics before creating an Instagram Brand.

On the surface, this idea may appear self-evident, but there is a lot that goes into understanding your Instagram Brand.

You have a good notion of how your company’s brand should look and feel. However, have you done any research on your demographics? And what are the preferences of those demographics? It is possible that you are preparing to launch an internet brand that does not connect with the target audience.

Your posts’ font size must be larger than the usual font if you are promoting to an older audience.

Millennials feel they can tell when a brand is “fake” and want a more authentic online experience.

Experience is more important to Generation Z than material goods.

Each group has its own set of online requirements. The appearance and feel of your Instagram will alter dramatically depending on who you are advertising to.

When building your Instagram brand, it is critical to know exactly what your target market wants from a company. Your brand should understand how its demographic thinks, feels, and sees Instagram when it comes to their values and interests.

Do your homework and find out exactly what your target market wants from a company or brand.

Do you require additional assistance in determining your target demographic? It is not a problem! Contact a marketing firm that can assist you with the finer points of developing an Instagram brand.

Do not: Use an Excessive Number of Hashtags when creating your Instagram Brand

Just because you have the option of using up to thirty hashtags in a single post does not mean you should.

It is all about the images on Instagram. The truth is that a #stack #of #hashtags #together #looks #clumsy.

You do not want your postings to appear disorganized or packed. Even the most devoted clients can be turned off by a barrage of hashtags. Limit yourself to one to four hashtags, but the less the better.

That is not to suggest that hashtags are not useful in the workplace.

A well-placed hashtag can help increase visitors to your Instagram account. Customers can use event hashtags to rapidly discover and disseminate information about any forthcoming events you may be hosting.

You can also join in on any hot hashtags that are currently trending. You can try to tie a viral meme that is trending with a hashtag to your business if you spot one. Using a trend or current hashtag, you might be able to create a funny meme of your brand.

It is not about how many hashtags you have; it is about how good they are. It is pointless to toss a slew of meaningless hashtags into the abyss of the internet. Make effective use of your hashtags!

Do: Create a buzz around your Instagram Brand.

Instagram is a wonderful way to get customers interested in your business.

If you have had a new product coming out shortly or an upcoming event, you could use Instagram to keep your followers up to date and enthusiastic.

It is important not to give away too much information when it comes to creating buzz. You want to pique your customer’s attention but revealing a surprise might detract from the fun of generating suspense. You can tease what you will be releasing to pique people’s interest.

If you are selling makeup, for example, you can mention that a new lipstick is coming out without revealing the color. Your audience is now eagerly anticipating further information.

Another strategy to build excitement is to let your customers know that a new device or event will be released on a specified date. If you can keep your audience guessing for a brief period, you will generate excitement around the secret surprise.

Curiosity is an amazing way to persuade your customers to interact with the brand without feeling forced or unnatural.

Do not Forget About Captions

Your description is as important as the picture or video you shared on Instagram.

Most of the suggestions for writing a fantastic caption are based on the article’s initial point: Understand the demographics of your target market. Some listeners expect you to go directly to the point. You don’t need to include any jokes or witty one-liners in your captions. All you need to convey in these cases is directly and immediately information in your caption.

Other demographics might prefer a more personalized experience. If this describes your target demographic, feel free to be silly with them. Put a few memes on your feed and make jokes in your descriptions. Some customers expect their brands to be approachable and responsive to their preferences.

It is entirely up to you to determine how you want to handle captions. Every caption should be used to further the interaction between your company and your customer. Your branding team has complete control over the type of connection you wish to establish with your audience.

Use Instagram Stories to your advantage.

Instagram stories are an excellent approach to immediately capture your audience’s attention. Stories are designed to be digested quickly and can be used by businesses to educate customers about items or services they offer.

You can upload a basic snapshot promoting your brand on Instagram stories, or you can engage with your audience further with stickers or emoticons. You may utilize Instagram’s custom emojis to make your posting or video stand out.

Include a poll to inspire your audience to engage with your brand. Polls allow your clients to voice their dislikes and loves about your brand constructively and naturally.

Polls can also be used to ask ridiculous or entertaining questions. Let loose if it matches your brand’s image! Many diverse groups desire to feel a sense of attachment to the companies they support.

It is time to unleash your inner artist!

You can also pay for Instagram to promote your stories on the feeds of potential customers. Use stories to extend your audience and present your company to potential new clients. To learn more about how to make your first Instagram story advertisement, go here.

Do not: Over-promote your brand on social media.

Nothing says “I’m a newbie on Instagram” like posting multiple times in one day.

Why? To put it another way, it annoys your viewers. It does not matter if you make the best, most fascinating ad on the planet; if you repeat it too often, your audience will become irritated.

Imagine a terrific story being told to you by a friend. You enjoyed it the first time! Consider how they would tell you the same tale five minutes later. Then another five minutes passed… Repeat after repeat after repeat after repeat after repeat after repeat after repeat after repeat after repeat after repeat after repeat You’ll become tired of it quickly, and the last things you want out of your business is for it to irritate people.

You should be creating new posts and eye-catching information on a regular basis. That is right, you read that correctly. Each post should be unique. Upcycling Instagram postings is a dying wish. Your viewers should be anticipating what is coming next and looking forward to seeing your updates.

Posting 1-3 times a day is a good rule of thumb to follow. According to Social Buddy, most prominent businesses publish “…1.5 times every day on average, so if you try to follow the very same rule, you should do well.”

Do: Try to imitate the look.

This connects to the previous idea about developing an aesthetic.

Your audience may become confused if your Instagram account has enough gone on. Try to give your brand a distinct style; do not mix and match diverse types of postings.

If your company is known for its silly content and memes, keep with it. Alternatively, you might go for a simpler, more aesthetically beautiful design. It should be consistent, regardless of the type of material you choose to share.

Take a glance at these Instagram accounts for some inspiration!

You do not want your clients to follow you, believing they will get a certain style of material just to be disappointed when you change it up.

If you want to modify your Instagram’s brand or layout, consider writing a post describing why your company is redesigning and what sort of content you will be creating instead. When your company rebrands, using this strategy will ensure that none of your customers are left in the dark or confused.

Do not Forget About Your Analytical Reports

Instagram analytics is an excellent tool for businesses. You can rapidly learn what types of postings are receiving the most attention by using analytics.

Go to your account and click on the little bar chart below your profile name to see your metrics.

You can get helpful info on your Instagram account when you have input your stats, such as:

The average number of likes each post is increasing at a rapid pace.

How many times a week do you post?

When are your clients online the most?

How to optimize your website It is easy to understand why having this information at your fingertips is a marketer’s dream. You can also utilize analytics to analyze how users interact with your Instagram stories after they have finished watching them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and good luck with creating your Instagram Brand!  Remember if you would rather hand this off to the professionals, Seattle Advertising has years of experience creating brands on Instagram. Contact us today.