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Marketing on LinkedIn is a great way for a business to attract employees and reach its audience.

It has a lot of powerful features that you might not be aware of if you are just getting started using LinkedIn for your business. Here, we will take a look at these features and how to implement them into your strategy.

Create Pages to Segment Your Audience

Many businesses these days have multiple segments within their target audience, and if your business is one of them, this LinkedIn feature will be highly beneficial for you. You can create Showcase Pages, which show up as “Affiliated Pages” on your main profile page. Every one of these pages can focus on a different aspect of your business and how it relates to each segment of your audience. You can create more highly targeted content this way and put together better campaigns for each segment. You can do this on your business page by clicking on “admin tools” then select “create a showcase page.”

LinkedIn Live

Live videos are huge on social media these days, and you can use LinkedIn Live to help you boost your engagement. According to LinkedIn, live videos get 24 times more comments and seven times more reactions than native videos from the same brands. You can use the LinkedIn Live feature to hold live Q&A sessions with your audience or hold interviews with experts in your industry. You can also use them for launching new products and for sharing live events happening in your business. To use LinkedIn Live, you have to apply for access; it is not open to everyone like live videos are on some other networks.

Make Your Connections Private

If you have ever worried that your competitors might attempt to poach your employees or clients, this LinkedIn feature can help you with that. You can control who can see your connections by visiting “settings and privacy,” then under “visibility,” you can choose who is able to see your connections and limit that to only you. This can help you prevent your competitors from finding out who your customers and employees are, making it harder for them to try to poach them.

Private Mode to View Profiles

If you are conducting competitor research on LinkedIn, you might not want them to be able to see that you are checking out their profiles. Competitor research on LinkedIn can be beneficial since it can give you insight into their content strategy, approach to social media, and more. You can hide your visits to profiles by browsing in private mode, so your competition cannot see that you were on their site. If you are hiring through LinkedIn, you can also use private mode to look at the profiles of your prospective hires without them knowing you are doing so.

You can activate this LinkedIn feature under “settings and privacy,” then “visibility,” from there, you can select the “profile viewing options” to allow you to browse anonymously.

Name Pronunciation

Have you ever looked at a name written out and felt clueless about how to pronounce it? LinkedIn feels your pain, which is why last year they released a name pronunciation feature. You can make a recording of how to pronounce your name and add it to your profile, where it sits right next to your written-out name. In the professional world, we are interacting with people from diverse backgrounds whose names may not be pronounced the way we think they are based on our culture. Pronouncing someone’s name right the first time can help you make a good first impression, and with this LinkedIn feature, you can pronounce a potential employee’s or clients’ name right the first time.

Save Searches

If you are using LinkedIn for lead generation, you probably have specific search criteria you use each time. You can save your searches on LinkedIn, so you do not need to enter your search criteria every time; you can run them with ease each time. Plus, you can set up search alerts with these parameters, so you will get an email alert when someone matches the criteria for a search you saved.

You can set up the search alerts by first running a search with that criterion. Then, on the right-hand side of the screen, you will see a button labeled “create search alert.” Once you click on that, a window will pop up where you can select how often you want to receive an alert and hit “save.” If you only want to save the search, uncheck the “get notified” box, then hit “save.”

LinkedIn Scheduler

If you use LinkedIn for recruiting, the LinkedIn Scheduler can be a valuable tool for you. It allows you to schedule interviews and meetings more efficiently by syncing with your calendar so that it can automatically see your availability. When you send a message to someone through LinkedIn, it will send them your available time slots. You can customize it with your preferred meeting duration and more. This feature is only through a LinkedIn Recruiter account.

Create Polls

To increase your engagement, LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to create polls. It can give you valuable insights into your audience that will help your marketing efforts be more effective overall. You can ask fun, hypothetical questions, or you can use it to ask something more serious, like what kind of content your audience would like to see more of or something related to your specific products or services. If you are launching a new product, for example, you can use these polls to get more information about what your audience would like to see in your products, or you can ask them things like what color of packaging they like best. If you are choosing a new logo or slogan, you can also use LinkedIn polls for that, which can make the audience feel like they matter to you, which is always important in business.

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