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As a result of ChatGPTs inexpensive content generation, astute digital marketers were eager to adopt the new technology for content marketing.

Almost certainly, you are already familiar with ChatGPT, the generative AI tool that has garnered attention for its conversational and human-like responses to queries. Launched by OpenAI at the end of the previous year, the chatbot employs a language processing model to predict responses that are astonishingly similar to human speech and need only a few seconds to generate.

Five days after its release, the app attracted over a million users who utilized the technology to compose essays, research subjects, draft emails and templates, and modify code, among other tasks.

Here is what digital marketers need to know about using ChatGPT (and how not to).

Let’s Begin With What ChatGPT Can’t Do

Prior to relegating your content strategy to ChatGPT, it is essential to comprehend the technology and its inherent constraints. Its output is based on a language prediction because it employs a language processing model. The outcome is a reaction resembling that of a person, yet just like people, the bot can make mistakes. Notably, the model is not founded on the content’s factual basis. The app’s website indicates that:
ChatGPT occasionally writes replies that sound plausible but are inaccurate or nonsensical. Fixing this issue is difficult because: (1) there is currently no source of truth during RL training; (2) training the model to be more cautious causes it to decline questions that it can answer correctly; and (3) supervised training misleads the model because the ideal answer depends on what the model knows, not what the human demonstrator knows.

Developing Blog Content Using ChatGPT

Despite its limits, many digital marketers have discovered that ChatGPT is a useful tool for writing blog posts, social media posts, and other online content. By employing an editor to verify the output, it is reasonably easy to eliminate the potential of erroneous outputs.
Marketers that wish to use ChatGPT to produce content should be mindful of the potential SEO implications. Google has always penalized low-quality auto-generated material in accordance with the company’s spam policy. Furthermore, the competitive landscape must be considered. Because ChatGPT’s software competes with Google, there is widespread concern that Google will take action to punish material published by its competitors.
The stakes are elevated. These penalties can result in a website’s entire removal from Google’s search results, so proceed with caution.

A safer approach would be to utilize software to generate broad outlines and then have a human fact-check the material and revise the document to verify that it is both new and value-driven.

Integrate ChatGPT Into Your SEO Techniques

When you discover relevant keywords that have an influence on your industry, you can utilize ChatGPT to create content that incorporates the keyword or provides answers to inquiries about it in order to enhance search engine optimization. The outcome is low-cost content that may be developed rapidly in response to a brief opportunity and may drive visitors to your website.

Obviously, it is still vital to fact-check the information and make it your own in order to prevent harming the SEO of your website.

Using ChatGPT To Compose Emails And Other Marketing Materials

ChatGPT may be advantageous for email marketing because there are no possible SEO repercussions. As with a draft of a blog post or article, it is essential that a human review the text to confirm its accuracy and consistency with your brand’s voice. Additionally, you may need to edit for redundancy and superfluous words and phrases.

The program may also assist with the creation of material for marketing presentations, direct mail, scripted videos, and social media.

While there is no doubt that the technology is innovative and unique, its implementation in digital marketing and daily life still requires human oversight.

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