Thu 01 August,2019
Eugene Tth World Record Instagram Egg

At over 48.4 million likes, Eugene, the Instagram-famous egg has surpassed Kylie Jenner in holding the record for the most likes on a picture.
Jenner had previously set the record with 18.5 million likes on a picture of her daughter, Stormi. The famous picture, posted on January 6, 2018, was surpassed in likes by the January 4th, 2019 post from the Egg Gang. By Friday the 18th, the simple, stock image of a brown egg has garnered over 48 million likes.

The picture of the most famous egg in the world was posted on the account named “world_record_egg.” This account has acquired 7.7 million followers from the one viral post of the celebrity egg. The American Egg Board was excited to acknowledge Eugene’s success. CEO Anne Alonzo was overjoyed to see an egg getting this kind of publicity.

No one has been able to identify the person who posted the picture in hopes of breaking the world record for the most Instagram likes on a post. Until the case is cracked, the egg is assuming the name “Eugene.” In an email from the mystery account owner, the egg was given the name and is apparently loving all of the attention.

The account owner mentioned that there are two shirts available reading “I liked the egg.” Ten percent of the profits are being donated to charity. New designs are also in the making.

Some people speculate that Instagram star Supreme Patty was responsible for the post. Supreme Patty’s friend was reported saying that he was indeed behind the account, but the Egg Gang later posted on their story that it was fake news. They still remain anonymous and obviously don’t want to be revealed.

In the midst of the government shutdown, it appears that Americans are putting their hope and trust in a humble breakfast staple. However, this isn’t the only food to catch the attention of the masses. In previous years, other basic food images have gleaned abundant likes. Potato salad and half of a white onion were also Instagram-famous for a time. It seems that the simpler the subject, the more popular it becomes.

While Supreme Patty can’t take credit for the egg-cellent post, he isn’t letting the fun pass him by. He reportedly got a tattoo of the record-breaking egg. Other eggs from pop-culture also joined the conversation, including a dragon egg from “Game of Thrones.” When George R.R. Martin proudly tweeted a picture of his egg, Professor Snape was quick to reply with a picture of Harry Potter holding a golden egg.

So, what is it that allows a simple brown egg to get so many likes? How can an egg possibly compete with stars like Kylie Jenner and other major names on social media? Perhaps it is the simplicity that compels us to charitably and unquestionably give our likes away to the egg. It isn’t begging for our attention or money. It doesn’t make us feel less-than by being better looking or traveling to a nicer destination than us. We don’t have a reason to distrust it. We just like it.

While many people willingly gave their love to this seemingly random egg, Kylie Jenner was clearly bitter about losing her record to a stock photo of a breakfast item. Jenner posted a video of herself breaking eggs sent from mocking strangers. She captioned the video of herself cracking an egg onto the blacktop in the sun, “Take that little egg.” Incredible Egg commented a nice suggestion to put the eggs to good use by making some of the delicious recipes on their website. Sources still aren’t sure how Kylie Jenner likes her eggs, but from the looks of things now, it appears that she thinks they are best served on the pavement.

Many people joined the effort to help this little egg break the world record. It is speculated that dissatisfaction with the Kardashians and other socialites from Hollywood played a role in the immense response Eugene received. Did people want the egg to succeed because it is an egg or because they wanted to see the record taken from Kylie? Perhaps it’s a combination of both, but the American Egg Association is thrilled.

By Easter, The American Egg Association expects to donate over a million eggs per month. Individual farmers will be donating to their local organizations. The American Egg Board cites Eugene’s popularity as a sign that eggs are incredible.

Incredible indeed. An account with that much attention has the ability to influence the masses and is undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool. Owning account with that much organic viewership makes selling merchandise no sweat. The owner could also sell the account or refocus it to suit the audience long after Eugene loses his popularity.

This just goes to show how fragile a social media reputation really is. One minute, you have the most-liked photo on Instagram. Then you wake up one morning only to discover that your record has been stolen by an egg. The message is clear. Americans value breakfast and simplicity over beauty and riches. Nothing beats breakfast!

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