• E.T. Returns to Elliot in New Ad - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

E.T. Returns to Elliot in New Ad

By |December 3, 2019|

In this new holiday commercial, the 2-minute ad opens with two children playing around a home at night, illuminated by [...]

  • SUPER BOWL ADS 2019 - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 


By |August 6, 2019|

CBS Charging Record Amount for Super Bowl Ads Advertisers are anticipating that Super Bowl LIII will be the most watched [...]

  • Eugene The World Record Instagram Egg - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

Eugene The World Record Instagram Egg

By |August 1, 2019|

At over 48.4 million likes, Eugene, the Instagram-famous egg has surpassed Kylie Jenner in holding the record for the most [...]

  • Holiday Spending 2018 - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

Holiday Spending 2018

By |July 14, 2019|

According to the National Retail Federation’s annual consumer spending survey, Americans could spend nearly $721 billion on gifts, decor, travel [...]

  • Is This the End for Facebook? - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

Is This the End for Facebook?

By |June 19, 2019|

Lately Facebook has had some trouble. There have been many privacy and security issues with the site. Multiple issues with [...]

  • Will AI Make Advertising Obsolete? - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

Will AI Make Advertising Obsolete?

By |June 14, 2019|

Advertising and its methods developed alongside humans. As technology grew, marketing grew with it, always utilizing new inventions, communication platforms, [...]

  • AR ads Coming to Facebook - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

AR ads Coming to Facebook

By |June 9, 2019|

Facebook Moves Forward the Digital Advertising Model with Augmented Reality Facebook is one of the online platforms that is always [...]

  • Google Re-Brands and Reloads - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

Google Re-Brands and Reloads

By |June 4, 2019|

Google Reloaded: A Re-Branding of Popular Google Products to Justify The Societal Move To Mobile Devices The Move to Mobile [...]

  • Facebook Cracks Down on Bad Businesses - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

Facebook Cracks Down on Bad Businesses

By |May 12, 2019|

The social media titan known as Facebook, has recently announced their plans to release new tools geared towards cracking down [...]

  • Super Bowl = Super Advertising - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

Super Bowl = Super Advertising

By |May 2, 2019|

The Pats + The Eagles = SUPERBIG ADVERTISING   Beantown vs. Philly: Epic Beef of the Northeast The Patriots are [...]

  • Significance of Social Media - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

Significance of Social Media

By |April 24, 2019|

Just like the rest of the world, I am sure social media has had an impact on your life. Social [...]

  • Twitter Automation - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

Twitter Automation

By |April 20, 2019|

Marketing automation is rarely spamming If you use the internet today, you've undoubtedly seen spam on your profiles. Some Seattle [...]

  • Changes in Digital Marketing - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

Changes in Digital Marketing

By |April 15, 2019|

It is important for any company that desires to grow and expand this decade, to always invest time and energy [...]

  • Facebook Fights Fake News - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

Facebook Fights Fake News

By |April 10, 2019|

In an attempt to curb the rise of numerous articles labeled "fake news" (a term popularized by sitting president Donald [...]

  • Social Media Marketing Tips - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

Social Media Marketing Tips

By |April 5, 2019|

Social media has changed the way we communicate with the world. It has also changed the way we shop and [...]

  • Amazon's Growth is Changing Seattle - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

Amazon’s Growth is Changing Seattle

By |April 2, 2019|

Amazon's Explosive Growth is Changing the Face of Seattle If you are a Seattle resident, or anyone familiar with the [...]

  • All Things Marketing In One Box - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

All Things Marketing In One Box

By |March 27, 2019|

Seattle Advertising is a marketing digital service. The services include digital marketing, brand development, mobile advertising, video marketing, social advertising, [...]

  • Epic Game Launches its own app Store - Page 2  - Seattle Advertising 

Epic Game Launches its own app Store

By |March 24, 2019|

Epic Games the maker of the worldwide sensation Fortnite, is launching its own app store bypassing Apple and Google. Epic [...]

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